Mighty May

There is something about Spring that gets people inspired. Between the change in weather and the transformation of the valley’s landscape, as it awakens from its winter slumber, the land comes alive! Due to the warm summers with low humidity, and the mild winters; the Okanagan’s semi-arid climate is the perfect location to start your turfing needs. Within Okanagan and Interior British Columbia, you can install turf any time from early spring to late fall. There can be benefits to laying turf during the month of May.

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Reasons Why You Should Be Laying Turf in May

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You’ll have many considerations to figure out when planning for big transformations on your home or business properties and it’s no different with your new turf plans. We are here to help answer any questions you may have on when is the best time for you to lay down your new turf. Here’s why we think May is a perfect time.

It’s A Comfortable Temperature To Work In


The May working conditions are perfect – let’s go! The average high temperature in British Columbia is 18 degrees Celsius (65 Fahrenheit) and the average low temperature is 11 degrees celsius (52 Fahrenheit). Ideal outdoor temperatures for laying down your new turf. 

The Long Days Assist With Avoiding Sod Heating

Sod heating is when harvested turf is suffering from heat stress after being rolled up too long and as a result, hasn’t had sufficient sunlight, air or water. The longer days in May help alleviate some of this stress on your turf but you should lay new turf ASAP to avoid the chance of sod heating.

The Soil Is More Accepting Of The Turf

Laying turf requires some prep work and understanding of the overall turf installation process in order to be successful. Also in May, you’ll find your soil is in its best condition for the application of the turf to the ground.

The Soil Is Warmer Which Helps With Plant Growth

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Those May temperatures are just what the turf relies on to generate strong plant growth and in turn, provide you with healthy lush green turf.  We tailor all of our products for the unique and beautiful climate we live in to make sure that your lawn is unparalleled in quality and beauty. 

Don’t Lay Turf If...

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Timing is everything and it is also a key consideration when deciding when you can plan for your turf installation. For instance, if you are planning on going away on holiday and cannot care for the lawn you’ll want to reconsider your plans. Also, the soil will not be receptive to the turf if it is TOO WET, TOO HOT or TOO COLD. We carefully choose our seed and suppliers to provide the highest quality varieties that best perform for our diverse climate and usage needs. 

No Better Time To Turf

There is no better time than now to get your turf project completed, learn more about our turf products today. We carefully choose our seed and suppliers to provide the highest quality varieties that best perform for our diverse climate and usage needs. Come on down to Lavington Turf Farms and talk with our team about the best turf options for you. We provide availability for pick up or delivery that services Okanagan (including Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos, Sorrento, Salmon Arm), Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops) BC Interior, and All the way to the US border. You can contact us directly about any questions or quotes about our turf and any other lawn care needs over the phone at (1-250-549-2967) or you can fill out our contact form on our website here.

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