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“Lavington Turf Farms always supply a high-quality product and their knowledgeable and friendly staff is always available to provide information and suggestions. As the outside appearance of our homes is just as important as the inside, turf from Lavington Turf Farms provides that instant punch of colour and feel that only a healthy green lawn can. Lavington Turf Farms is our supplier of choice and hopefully yours as well!”

Landing Construction Ltd., Brad Stinn

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“In a long list of suppliers that provide our firm with the products and services we require to run day-to-day business activities, Lavington Turf Farms is at the top of the list! Easy ordering, quick delivery and consistent product has maintained Lavington Turf’s outstanding reputation in the Okanagan Valley. I would highly recommend them to any contractor whose goal is to be successful and deliver outstanding results.”

Nokomis Landscaping Ltd., Michael Arding & Jeff Peebles

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“Gallaghers Canyon has been using the top quality turf from Lavington Turf Farms since 1991. The staff at Lavington Turf were also contracted to lay large areas of new sod when the golf course was doing major renovations. The product and service of Lavington Turf Farms has always been nothing short of excellent. Staff are great, deliveries are always prompt and we will continue to use their product in the future.”

Gallaghers Canyon Golf Resort, Frits Verkerk

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“Predator Ridge Golf Resort uses Lavington Turf Farms for our turf needs on the golf course. Any size of job, Bonnie and her crew are happy, willing and able to accommodate, including supplying all the sod for the driving range renovation we are just completing. They were also willing to seed, grow and harvest our specific turf blend that we grow on our new Ridge course. They are knowledgeable, easy, delivery is quick and the product quality is excellent and meets our high standards. I would recommend Lavington Turf Farms for all your turf needs.”

Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Mike Long

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“We started doing business with Lavington Turf Farms exclusively the spring of 2006. They provide an exceptional product that is very consistent and conducive to the Okanagan’s climate. When it comes to customer service Bonnie, Ben and Craig have on many occasions gone out of their way to accommodate us and our clients. We can sincerely say that we will continue our working relationship with Lavington Turf Farms for many years to come.”

Ground Under Repair Landscaping, Norm Westman

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“We have been using Lavington Turf Farm for our sod needs for over a decade on the golf course. We have utilized the exceptional product that Lavington Turf provides in such applications as tee box rebuilding and sand bunker renovations. The folks at Lavington Turf are always easy to deal with and quick to accommodate with prompt and friendly delivery. The virtually weed free product melds in nicely with our manicured facility and is cut in easy to handle & install sizes. I would not hesitate to recommend Bonnie and her team to anyone looking for an exceptional turf for their needs.”

Hillview Golf Club, Davin Marr

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“I have been using Lavington Turf sod in my landscape projects for 18 years. I choose them first because they produce a high-quality, consistent sod and provide excellent, reliable delivery.”

Earth Effects Landscaping, Bob Fleming

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“Lavington Turf Farms is always our first choice for quality turf. From small jobs to large jobs, Lavington Turf prices have always met our clients’ budgets, delivering quality turf and fertilizer on-time to meet our busy schedule.”

Ground Under Repair Landscaping, Mike Heisler

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