Have you looked at your lawn recently and thought, what is going on out there? There can be various lawn problems preventing it from looking its best. With some maintenance and a detailed eye, you can keep these problems from getting worse. 

Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Are you getting some grass envy looking over your neighbour’s fence? Ask yourself why your grass is dying in patches or turning brown? Here are a few of the common lawn problems.

Brown spots – can be caused by a fungus, grubs, dog urine burns or heavy foot traffic.
Spongy lawn – can sometimes happen due to excess buildup of old and dead grass material.
Browning – grass turns brown when roots can no longer grab hold of nutrients or water from the soil.
Weed or moss growth – this happens in areas of too much shade and poorly drained soils.

Grass lifting – watch for grubs and water puddles that could lead to root damage.

What Can Cause Unhealthy Grass?

Now that you notice something is wrong with your lawn, what caused it in the first place. Getting more knowledgeable about these issues will help you put together an action plan faster. 

  • Soil structure is lacking
  • Improper lawn care (mowing, raking, etc.)
  • Didn’t fertilize
  • Water retention
  • Grass dormancy
  • Diseases or pests

How To Fix These Problems

Thankfully, many of these lawn problems can be quick to identify and simple to remedy with some of these tips. Take care of your lawn the best you can and identify problems before they get out of hand.

  • Fertilize
  • Re-sod
  • Fix soil structure to allow for proper drainage
  • Test the pH, nitrogen level and microbial level of the soil

We Are The Solution To Your Lawn Problems

A healthy, lush lawn is one of those essential elements tying everything together in your yard. Besides just a lovely backdrop it adds comfort and it is also where kids play – adults too – so let’s keep it green! We are Okanagan’s best producer of quality sod for residential, golf and sports field applications. From our central location to Coldstream and Vernon, we can ship fresh sod, fertilizer and turf grass anywhere in BC’s Okanagan and Interior quickly and efficiently. Consider installing turf from Lavington Turf Farms and call us today for your quote.

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