End of Season Sod Installation

It might not be well known, but did you know that spring and fall are the best seasons to lay sod? It’s typically assumed that due to the warm weather, summer would be the optimal time, however this isn’t true. Sod can be laid anytime throughout the growing season, but spring and fall tend to […]

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The Benefits of Real Grass

The average home within the beautiful Okanagan, and many other cities across Canada, comes with its share of beautiful yard space and accompanying turf. This grass can be found on lawns, athletic fields, parks, and many other recreational areas. In fact, Canada alone has over 6.2 million maintained lawns (StatsCan, 2014). With ongoing research, turfgrass […]

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How to Fix Dead Patches in Your Lawn

Introduction Nothing brings down the look of a beautiful lawn quite like dead patches of grass. Even with the best tended lawn, you might still have dead patches of grass appear from time to time. That being said, the reason for them might not always be obvious. The most common reasons for dead grass patches […]

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