There is nothing quite like lush green grass, and thanks to spring, it’s easy to achieve this. However, when spring transitions into summer, the weather conditions can be an absolute nightmare for your lawn. The good news is, you don’t have to slave over your lawn to keep it healthy. In fact, to a great extent, it’s not the amount of work you put into your lawn — it’s when and how you do it. 

There are some fundamentals that are key in retaining the life in your grass. As well, keep it fresh and lush all season long. In this blog, you will find our top tips for keeping your beautiful grass green and healthy, and how caring for your grass can give you some great results!

Know When To Water

If you live within the Okanagan, then you understand summer heat. And as much as your lawn requires sunshine to thrive, too much of it can dry out your lawn and cause any water to evaporate. A good rule of thumb is to water your lawn in the early morning or late evening. Your lawn will enjoy the break of sunlight. During this time your lawn has a chance to take in as much water as possible and absorb enough to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Mow Appropriately 

You might not have ever considered raising the height of your lawnmower, but believe it or not, it greatly helps your lawn during the summer months. Trimming and keeping the grass longer will help shield the roots from the damages of the sun. This in turn, prevents your roots from drying out. That being said, it’s ideal to mow your lawn every 2-3 weeks to keep it within its best conditions. 

Test Your Soil

Running a soil test will let you know if you are missing any specific nutrients, and whether those nutrients are running low or high. Knowing your lawn’s current health means it’s easy to find a fertilizer with a nutrient ratio that fits your needs. Fall is an excellent time to fertilize your lawn with a slow-releasing fertilizer, as it is soaking up as much nutrients as possible to store for the winter months – resulting in fresh green grass for spring!

Regular Lawn Care

Keep an eye out – or take the time every week to do a walk through your backyard. If your lawn is filled with feet everyday, it doesn’t hurt to check in and see the damage from time to time. As quick as your lawn get’s green, it’s also quick to sprout weeds and develop dead spots. We always recommend getting to those weeds as early as possible. Whether that includes manually pulling them, or using a weeder. Dead spots are an indication of regrowth needed. Which means, reseeding appropriately. Dead spots included, it’s better to address lawn imperfections sooner rather than later when it becomes an even bigger problem.

Aerate Your Lawn

Your lawn needs oxygen just as much as it needs water. The process allows for air, nutrients, and water to penetrate deeper into the soil and gain quicker access to the roots. Aerating your lawn also allows for better water absorption which prevents runoff. The easiest method to aerate your lawn would include the use of a garden fork, or hiring a machine in larger areas. 


Whatever your goals are for this summer – rest assured knowing that the work you put into your lawn will provide lush, green grass as a result. Most importantly, as we mentioned earlier, it’s not always about the work you put in, it’s about when you do it. 

At Lavington Turf Farms, we are committed to helping our customers and are always here if you have questions. We also offer drought tolerant sod of high quality to help ensure a healthy lawn all year round. 

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