Nothing brings down the look of a beautiful lawn quite like dead patches of grass. Even with the best tended lawn, you might still have dead patches of grass appear from time to time. That being said, the reason for them might not always be obvious. The most common reasons for dead grass patches are: Pets, weeds, high foot traffic areas, drought stress, soil concerns, fungal diseases, fertilizer burn and improper watering. 

Got some pesky dead spots you would love to restore? In this blog we walk you through our top tips on how to repair those pesky patches, and how best to treat your lawn to achieve that beautiful lush, green lawn once more. 

Let’s get started!

Prepare the Soil

The dead spots in your lawn will require reseeding to produce new growth. However, before immediately dropping seeds within a dead spot, first you will want to remove the dead grass. 

Using a garden rake or hand rake, scrape the dead grass zone and remove the first layer of thatch. That’s the base layer above the soil. With the first layer removed, it’s also ideal to pull any invasive weeds, and rake the soil below to loosen it for reseeding. With that all ready, you have prepared your spot for new growth!

Reseeding your Lawn

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and spread new seeds over the new area. It’s important to not overseed during this step. 

Seeds will also germinate best in morning and evening temperatures, so avoid reseeding in the middle of the day during summer time. Finally, gently water your spot! And we do really mean gently, as the seeds need the best possible start to grow effectively. Give it a generous amount of water, and continue to do so until germination occurs. This is typically after two weeks of watering. 

Encouraging Growth

Now that you have your seedlings planted, it’s important to encourage growth and make sure your grass grows effectively. Mow your lawn only when the germinated lawn is at least 3 inches tall. 

Keep up with consistent watering, and your lawn will grow in and back to normal in no time. It’s also important to monitor the location regularly, to ensure there are no fungal growth issues, improper watering spots or issues due to lack of fertilizer. To find more information on how to improve your lawn’s overall health, and keep it healthy throughout the summer, check out our previous blog here


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