It might not be well known, but did you know that spring and fall are the best seasons to lay sod? It’s typically assumed that due to the warm weather, summer would be the optimal time, however this isn’t true. Sod can be laid anytime throughout the growing season, but spring and fall tend to be the best seasons for it. While it’s important to avoid laying sod in freezing temperatures, the Okanagan offers some mild fall conditions which make sod installation very convenient this time of year. September is an optimal month to get landscaping projects finalized, because this is the last month of “predictable” weather. 

Laying sod past September isn’t a large issue, however you would be in favour of the unpredictability of snowfall and freezing temperatures, which can affect the chances of sod rooting into the soil. This isn’t an end all however, as rooting can proceed come spring, however, that’s why we stress sod installation this month for ‘end of season’ application. 

In this blog, we will give you a few things to consider for end of season sod installation – Let’s get started! 

Cooler Temperatures

In a previous blog, we mentioned how beneficial laying sod in the fall was. One of the largest benefits is the cooler temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, the cooler temperatures associated in September help prevent sod from overheating and drying out. This is also a great opportunity for sod to develop roots prior to the winter season.

Not only do these mild temperatures benefit the sod, but they also benefit you!

Working on landscaping projects has never been easy throughout fall. Without the demands of the intense heat during summer, the cooler temperatures make it easier for working conditions. Keep in mind that it is too late to plant seeds, but laying sod is optimal for the month of September. 

Less Care Required

Thanks to the cooler temperatures, lawns require less work. We mentioned in our previous blog the demands of sod in hot temperatures.

However, in the current season, sod doesn’t dry out and the risk of roots not developing is lessened. Compared to summer, the amount of water needed in the fall is greatly reduced. Grass maintains moisture easily in fall, and due to that, has a greater survivability compared to summer.  

The best advantage to laying sod during the fall season is dormancy, or “set it and forget it”. Dormancy is easy to achieve by laying the sod and letting it root before winter kicks in. This allows it to be dormant throughout the winter, and grow in the following spring. 

Timing is Key

While laying sod during the fall is an optimal time to finish landscaping projects for the season, it’s important to utilize September as the final month for sod installation. Sod typically takes up to 6 weeks to finish developing a strong root system and 2 weeks to develop a shallow root system.

Because of this, you need to give your sod adequate time to form and develop roots. 

Timing is important here. 

Give your sod approximately 4-6 weeks to root before the ground will freeze for the winter. Within the Okanagan region this means taking advantage of September to install sod. Once the ground is frozen you lose the opportunity to let your sod root – so act fast this month!


Fall is a great time to lay sod and finish those landscaping projects for the year. It’s important to utilize the end of season for fall sod installation – and be of course mindful of the winter to come. Afterall, the goal is to have beautiful growing grass for next spring and summer!

At Lavington Turf Farms, we understand the importance of end of season sod installation. That’s why we still have sod available for your end of season landscaping projects. We offer customisable, drought tolerant turf that holds up in fall temperatures. 

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