Let’s Fix Your Lawn Problems

Have you looked at your lawn recently and thought, what is going on out there? There can be various lawn problems preventing it from looking its best. With some maintenance and a detailed eye, you can keep these problems from getting worse.  Grass Isn’t Always Greener Are you getting some grass envy looking over your […]

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Time To Start Laying Some Turf!

Mighty May There is something about Spring that gets people inspired. Between the change in weather and the transformation of the valley’s landscape, as it awakens from its winter slumber, the land comes alive! Due to the warm summers with low humidity, and the mild winters; the Okanagan’s semi-arid climate is the perfect location to […]

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Farm Fertilizer For Your Spring Projects

Get The Farm Advantage This Spring Spring maintenance projects are here and being prepared is key to making sure that you have the nicest yard on your street. A crucial ingredient is your fertilizer, replenishing the nutrients in the soil ensures the healthiest plants and grass possible. Fertilizer can be found commonly at big box […]

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Decrease your water usage and plant sod that will thrive in the ever-changing climate.

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