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Have you noticed that your lawn is looking a little brown or patchy? There is no better time than this fall to transform your lawn into a beautiful green yard. It’s time to be the envy of your neighbourhood!  Read on to learn how you can landscape your yard with our top-quality turf.

What Steps Should You Take With Your Turf Grass?

Proper installation can make all the difference when it comes to your lawn which is why these steps will assist with the success of your turf grass. We want to share our tips for installing turf:

Remove Existing Grass

It is important to remove all existing grass from the area where you are planning on laying turf. Using a sod cutter or hoe will make it easier to remove old lawns. It is recommended that you water the lawn before doing this or do it after heavy rain. 

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Test The Soil

Testing your soil prior to laying turf is important because it will tell you what your soil’s pH levels are and if your lawn is deficient in any nutrients. This will allow you to see what you should add to your soil and determine the type of fertilizer you will need. Don’t take a wild guess on what your lawn needs, healthy soil means healthy grass. 

Level It Out

Raking your lawn and making sure that it is levelled can make it easy for your turf to grow and be laid easier. You may find that you require some new organic topsoil to help with the success of the new turf. 


Fertilizing can help to supplement the nutrients in the soil and restore its balance. After testing your soil, you will have a more accurate idea of what type of fertilizer you need to have a healthy and thriving lawn. Fertilizer can also be a proactive solution to weed control and help to ensure a thick and robust lawn.

Laying It Down

When unrolling turf, it is recommended that you start with the furthest edge of your yard. This will help eliminate the need to walk over the newly installed turf. After you unroll the turf, make sure you gently press the turf into the ground with your hand. Keep your turf close together to avoid it looking patchy. Continue this process until your yard is completely covered in the new grass. 


watering tuf

Proper hydration of the turf is crucial! New turf requires watering twice a day for the first week after installation and don’t forget to fully saturate the turf. For the following three weeks, you should be watering two to three times a week, after that, you likely will only need to water once a week.

Remember that this may vary based on your location and our team will be able to help you to come up with a watering schedule. Especially in fall, it is recommended to water before noon to allow it enough time to soak up the water before the evening now that it cooling off more. 

Watch Your Step

It is crucial that once the turf is installed that you avoid walking on it for 2-3 weeks to allow it to grow. Depending on the location, this can be difficult to do which is why it is important to avoid outdoor events during this time. Putting up a don’t walk on the turfed grass sign may come in handy for those unaware of the new lawn.

Continuous Care

Now that you have installed your beautiful new turf grass, proper maintenance is key to success to keep your grass looking nice and green. It is recommended that you wait until the new turf has grown to about 2-3 inches long before you mow the new turf. If it doesn’t appear to be growing enough to mow after three weeks, let us know and we can guide you through what to do now. Make sure that you also wait until your lawn is ready to mow before raking it because if the turf hasn’t started to grow roots into the soil, you will end up lifting the turf. 

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Ensuring The Success Of Your New Turf

Timing should be a key consideration when deciding when you should install your turf. If you are planning on going away on holiday, hosting an event, or cannot care for the lawn, you’ll want to reconsider when you lay the turf. There are many benefits to properly installed turf. 

Get Your Brand New Lawn

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This fall is your perfect opportunity to take your landscaping to the next level with new turf. At Lavington Turf Farms, we carefully choose seeds and suppliers that provide only the highest quality of turf. Let our team help you to choose the best turf options for you. We provide pick up at our farm or delivery that services Okanagan (including Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos, Sorrento, Salmon Arm), Thompson Okanagan (Kamloops), BC Interior, and to the US border. 

Contact us directly by phone at (1-250-549-2967)  with any questions about our turf and your lawn care needs or fill out our contact form on our website. You can learn more about us here too. 

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