The Best Time To Lay Sod in The Okanagan & BC Interior

Family owned and operated since 1988, we have been providing top quality sod and turf for many applications including: residential, golf and sports fields. Our experience comes from years of practice – and our roots run deep within the industry. With all that being said, to put it simply; we know turf/sod and the Okanagan pretty well. 

With Spring fast approaching – it’s no question that residents within the Okanagan & BC Interior have been planning new projects that could include; beautiful lawns for their yards, new golf courses or creating/expanding a sports field!  But how do you know when is the right time to lay sod? While it seems pretty straight forward, there are better times to lay sod to ensure you end up with lush, low-growing, thick grass. 

Let’s get rolling!

When is the best time to lay sod in the Okanagan?

Due to the warm summers with low humidity, and the mild winters; the Okanagan’s semi-arid climate is the perfect location to start your sod/turfing needs. Within Okanagan and Interior British Columbia, you can install turf any time from early spring to late fall. 

Spring to late fall is an ideal time range because that’s when the ground can be easily worked with, and tilled to prepare for perfect sod application. That being said, we strongly believe that with the right preparation, there is no need to wait for the “right” season to put on your lawn! 

The right preparation means ensuring the ground is in it’s best condition to retain sod, measuring your sod to ensure it lays correctly, and keeping up with the sod’s maintenance to ensure you produce long roots and beautiful grass. For more information on getting started, this page will let you know everything you need about sod preparation, and maintenance.

Tips for laying sod in the Spring

Spring is a fantastic time to lay down some new sod – but the warm to cool temperatures can come with a few drawbacks. 

The occasional rain fall will greatly help the sod quickly root – but be warned, too much rain means muddy soil, which can make it more challenging to apply sod. We recommend not applying sod after a full rainfall – but being strategic with the application. Damp soil is great, and a huge advantage for your sod to quickly root – just be sure to act fast, and not wait for your soil to turn to mud! 

With the transition from winter to spring – comes the expectancy of morning frost as well. Be sure to not walk too much on the new sod after frost, or else it could damage your new grass. For the spring, nutrients, sunlight and rain are abundant – it is an excellent time to lay your sod down. 

Tips for laying sod in the Summer

As mentioned before, laying sod can be done the majority of the year – however, there are some important notes to keep in mind when laying sod in the summer. The Okanagan summers can typically be quite hot, and while it may be tempting to water your sod often – be sure to not over water it. Ideally, you will want your soil to be damp 3-4 inches below its surface. 

Due to the nature of the summer temperatures – its most ideal to water your sod in the early mornings, and late afternoons. These times give the water more chances of soaking directly into the soil – watering during the day could mean, on those hot days, the water evaporating before ever reaching your soil, resulting in your sod not rooting. 

Tips for laying sod in the Fall

While the fall within the Okanagan can be unpredictable and range from warm to cold – it’s still an excellent, and most times, ideal season for laying sod! Keep in mind that laying sod shouldn’t be done in below freezing temperatures – but rather, on those warmer days. 

Fall is the preferred season to lay sod due to cooler temperatures; meaning less risk of the sod overheating and drying out. That being said, it’s still a good practice to water your sod often – but compared to summer months, you won’t have to fear your sod drying out. 

Your sod will love the cooler temperatures, but so will you – these cooler temperatures also make for great working conditions! 


Whatever your sod or turfing needs are  – it’s always a great time to install within the Okanagan. While each season supplies its own advantages and disadvantages, you are always guaranteed fantastic results and growth following our best practices. After all, the success of your lawn really comes down to the preparation you have for the elements – rather than the elements themselves. 

At Lavington Turf Farms, we want you to have the best experience possible when applying your sod, and end up with the best results. Our quality sod is perfect for battling the elements to give you lush, low-growing grass any time of the year. 

The seasons can be unpredictable, but Lavington Turf Farms isn’t. From our field to your yard, we offer fast delivery and the ability to pick up at the farm direct. 

For more information or a free quote for your project, please visit this page on our website. 

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