So, you have decided once and for all that this is the time of year to start that project, and finally get that front yard looking exactly how you always wanted it to look. Or maybe you read our previous blog located here, and finally feel motivated to lay new sod this season. Whatever your situation is, when you decide to install a new lawn and take advantage of the best time of the year to do it, you’re going to need some useful tips on how to prepare your yard. Sod is an investment, so it’s important to prepare your yard properly so you reap all the benefits of a successful lawn. 

Let our experience with growing and installing sod help you with any project you hope to accomplish this season. Here you’ll find a few tips that we can give you when preparing to lay sod. 

Remove any weeds or existing grass from the area

Whether your current project involves removing existing grass or you are planning to lay sod in a new area – your first step should always be to clear the area. This involves removing any existing grass or weeds, debris, and any large stones or clay that could affect the placement of new sod. The simplest method is to rake the area of any debris, but if you possess a tiller, you can break apart the top 4-6 inches of ground to reveal and remove any debris. 

Optional: It may be a good idea to spray weeds with non-selective herbicide to guarantee they won’t invade your new grass as well. This is especially true if you have a severe weed or noxious grass problem.

Prepare your soil

If you read our previous blog, you would know that we mentioned how important preparing your soil is – and we meant that. Now that the area is clear of debris, it’s best practice to level the area by using a rake and ensuring any high spots and low spots are now evened. Apply and spread an adequate amount of high quality top soil, resulting in a depth of 3 – 3.5 inches.

Additionally, you will want to roll/compact the top soil using a roller. Another method to compacting top soil without a roller, is using plywood or the back of a shovel. However, we would always recommend a roller to best help the sod roots come into better contact with the soil. As well, if you are laying sod near a driveway, walkway or road then ensure the top soil applied is one inch below to ensure an easier mowing experience. 

Install any Irrigation

At this stage, once your soil is leveled and in good condition you will then be in good standing to install your sprinkler system. If you are planning on installing your own irrigation system, just keep in mind that the sprinkler heads should be a ½ inch above the dirt. This gives the heads enough room for the sod, since the sod typically lies ¾ – 1 inch in depth.

Measure the area

Our final key tip is ensuring you have the correct amount of sod for your project scope. This means calculating the sod required by measuring the length and width of the area in feet. This is the formula you need to determine the number of square feet needed:

Length X width = number of square feet needed. 

You can also order the sod for delivery or pickup for your expected day of installation. If you need a quote or assistance determining the amount of sod you would need, feel free to contact us at 1-250-549-2967 or fill out our request a quote form here.


At Lavington Turf Farms, we know the investment that comes with preparing to lay sod and the importance of doing it properly so you achieve the full benefits of a healthy yard. We always strongly stand by that preparation is key to the success of your sod – but we are always here if you have any questions with your own projects. With these tips you should be ready to tackle any project and apply your sod this season in full confidence. 

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